Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar

Arroz Plancha | Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar | vwin徳赢Food For vwin老虎机Thought

Lying on the busy streets of Jalan Telawi sits a chic restaurant known serving some of the most authentic Catalan cuisine you will find in Kuala Lumpur known as Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar.This eatery serves some of the most unique Spanish cuisine,and you know of its quality because it's frequented by the Spanish themselves.One of the best quality of this place is the wide selection of Spanish gin they carry.Continue Reading


Spanish Paella Chorizo | Sapore | vwin徳赢Food For vwin老虎机Thought

Located on the quiet side of Persiaran Ampang lies a row of fine restaurants,and here sits Sapore.The restaurant borrows its name from Italian,simply meaning"flavour".But do not be mistaken by this humble yet elegant Spanish-Italian restaurant as it serves artisanal food and fine wine ranging from their high quality jamon Iberco and unique tapas,to their suckling pig porchetta and iconic Iberico seafood paella.Continue Reading

Bottega Mediterranea

Antipasti Platter | Bottega Medditerreana | vwin徳赢Food For vwin老虎机Thought

As you walk along the hilly road of Jalan Ceylon,you will come to notice a small shop on the corner,those that you typically find on the streets of Rome.The walls of this shop is filled with hand written chalk menus on the daily offerings,ranging from a variety of different cured meats,aged cheese,artisanal pasta,sauces and truffles from all around Italy.This little shop is known as Bottega Meditterranea,one of the high quality suppliers of some of the best cured meats in Kuala Lumpur.Continue Reading

vwin徳赢论坛Dining Room Winter 2015 by Macalister Mansion

vwin徳赢论坛Dining Room Interior | Dining Room vwin徳赢12-15 | Food For vwin老虎机Thought

The vwin徳赢论坛Dining Room by Macalister Mansion has never failed to impress with their creative menu and use of ingredients from all over the world.A latest fare from the vwin徳赢论坛Dining Room by the remarkable Executive Chef Eric Heijkoop is the Winter Degustation Menu,comprising of a unique and modern twist,drawing inspiration from classical Indian and Japanese cuisine.Continue Reading

Aziamendi 88

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As you walk through the entrance of the Mandarin Grill at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur you notice a distinctive change.The entire restaurant is tinged with an orange hue,reminiscent of the Basque countryside,and the artwork has been specifically selected to create an atmosphere of calm and class.For 88 days,this restaurant has been transformed into Aziamendi 88,the first ever pop up restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that carries a 3 Star Michelin award by chef Eneko Atxa.Continue Reading

Cooking,Culinary And Cuisine

Tea | vwin徳赢论坛Dvwin徳赢ining | Food For vwin老虎机Thought

Cooking culture takes time to develop,and requires a lot of work and attention.It all stems from a certain culture and experience that not all of us are afforded.Chefs take years and years to hone their craft,from understanding how to balance flavours to cooking techniques.Some chefs are classically trained in culinary schools like Cordon Bleu,while others are learned from generational cooking,like most Thai chefs.Some are more refined which developed through the french styles of nouvelle cuisine,while others study molecular gastronomy.In the east,chefs may specialise as sushi chefs for years,while others learn the right way to cook yakitori.Chinese chefs weighs fillings for dumplings down to the gram when making dim sum,while bakers know that an ounce of flour may make your baking change greatly in texture.Each chef approaches food differently,with different methods and philosophies.Continue Reading